Delivering in the inbox is hard. But it's the most important.


You love your design. And we respect that.


Access clear metrics. Know who clicked where, when, and so much more.


All this for the cheapest price. And the best of all: no recurring fees. Purchase credits when you need, as a prepaid phone.

About Mailee

Easy to import

Our super easy import system will make adding contacts and using lists a bliss.

Add content directly

You won’t even believe how easy it is to edit a message until you’ve tried it. Seriously, try it.

Know where

Mailee's Big Brother is all about real information in real time of where and when your messages are being opened.

Clear metrics

Don't be scared of your metrics. Mailee’s reports makes it all easy on the eyes. See it, got it.

Check who's interested

See who clicked on a message and send focused messages specially to the most interest people.

and much more...


Need to manage many clients? Buy credits with discounts and manage all your subaccounts. We have great plans for reselers and agencies.


To achieve the best delivery results and keep your sending reputation we offer a dedicated IP address for your account, starting at $39/month.

Full API

We have a complete API, that lets you integrate everything into your apps. With wrappers available in Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, and more.


Our documentation is complete, it teaches you how to do everything in an easy way with screenshots and tutorials.

Fantastic Support

Meet our support guys, they are waiting to make you happy. We are transparent to admit and fix mistakes and have power to solve any problems.

Nobody likes SPAM

To have good results you must send only to interested contacts. We help you achieve good results and don't let bad clients harm everybody.

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Manage email marketing campaigns from many clients in the same account.

Buy credits distribute them as you wish.

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